• Our comprehensive building engineering management

    We create solutions for your business from our proven experiences and expertises.

  • The leader of building engineering management and energy management.

    Effective building resource management, with efficient energy management.

  • Energy management consultation service

    Analyzing energy consumption behavior, and promoting energy consumption consciousness for every single person in your organization.

  • Contractual Building Construction and Smart System Solution Services

    Designing and constructing your dream buildings to life, with system solution suiting your desires.

  • Smart Solar Energy Service

    With our experts and state-of-the-art technologies to achieve optimal results for your buildings.

  • Keep INNOvating for Achieving a Sustainable Future

    We firmly comply with the Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) guidelines for sustainable growth


    Our Expertise Your Solution

    “We are not just your building consultants, we are your partner for growing together with you.”

    • Building Engineering Management

      We strive for establishing standardized working processes by incorporating global working procedures, including ISO:9001, ISO:50001, ISO:45001, and ISO:41001, as continuous process improvement mechanisms. This will ensure the safety use of your buildings in every single aspect, including engineering, occupational sanitary, and environmental impacts, to suitably and efficiently use of energies.

    • Energy and Engineering Consultant

      Since energy could cost a significant amount for your business, INNO’s team of energy experts are here to consult and guide you for achieving the most effective and efficient energy consumption, along with supporting you in engineering and project management to make use of the best sustainable energy conservation solutions.

    • Smart System Solution

      Because “building” is the key to unlocking new possibilities for your businesses, we are here to shape your dream buildings to become reality with our experts and tremendous experiences to build your buildings at highest quality. Moreover, our cutting edge engineering management systems will take your buildings to the next level with fully integrated and connected experience inside the building, along with our energy management system to ensure the energy consumption efficiency under any scenario.

    • Solar Rooftop

      At INNO Solar, our team of experts is here to guide you to effective and efficient energy management based on our know-hows, as well as energy saving techniques to ensure that you get the most out of our solutions. Not only that, our after sales service team is also ready to consult and recommend the latest world-classed technologies to serve your energy needs.

    • Digital Innovation

      For the past 30 years of experience, we understand the growing pains of clients in terms of building engineering management. Because of that, we design and develop the Digital Innovation platform (DI platform) to assist building and energy management by incorporating the Internet of Things (IoT) to visualize, analyze, and predict the data from IoT devices. This platform is designed to optimize cost, increase opportunities, ability to access and manage data from the devices before making decisions, and increase energy efficiency for your business.

    • Training Center

      We, at INNO, firmly believe that every organization wants to increase manufacturing capacity, increase operational efficiency, and reduce costs for maximizing profit. However, by achieving those objectives required skills, knowledge, and understanding from stakeholders and employees across the organization. We are right by your side to train your team with our experiences in building engineering and sustainable energy.

      “Instead of viewing energy as infinitely valuable, utilize it with awareness of its worth.”


    For the past 30 years, Innovation Technology co., ltd. (INNO) focuses on providing services with efficiency and customer success in mind. We are the team behind our award-winning clients for energy management, both locally and globally. Not only that, we are trusted by over 400 organizations across Thailand, by promoting energy consumption consciousness to our clients’ employees and improving energy efficiency and sustainability for our clients.

    Happiness of the Earth, the Pride of Us

    714 reduction of energy production across Thailand (MWh)
    400,357 reduction of carbon footprint to atmosphere
    30,104 tree-equivalents for carbon footprint reduction rate so far
    2,855 reduction of energy cost across our clients

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