Energy and Engineering Consultant

Because energy is one of the costs for your organization, our energy experts are ready for consulting, guiding, and recommending your organization to optimize energy usage to be as efficient and cost effective as possible. Moreover, we are also supporting your team for engineering and project expenditure management to achieve the sustainable energy conservation goals for your organization.

“Your success stories are our biggest success stories”

We provide state-of-the-art energy management solutions suitable for our client’s requirements by achieving best practices for building engineering and energy management in large buildings. Our service not only guarantees the effectiveness of efficient energy consumption and operation costs, but we are also proud to be admired by organizations, at local and regional levels.

Our Services

Energy and Environment Consultants

  • Investment-grade Auditing
  • Financial Management
  • Engineering and Project Management
  • Bidding and Procurements
  • Renewable Energy and Energy Control

Engineering Consultants

  • Building Engineering Management
  • Preventive Maintenance for Equipments and Devices
  • Equipment Operation Control
  • Construction and Project Management
  • Engineering Systematic Design

Engineering Audit / Building Inspector

Inspecting building engineering systems to make sure that they are working under safety conditions defined by the Department of Public Works, including:

  • Electricity & Appliance Branch Circuit Auditing
  • Creating Energy Management Report
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Control
  • Environmental Auditing
  • Wastewater Quality Control

Our Standards

Service Inquiry

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