About INNO

About us

About us

Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. (INNO), founded in 1994, was formed by a group of experienced executives, academic personales, and engineers with a single vision, to provide effective and efficient building engineering management solutions for skyscrapers and industrial buildings.

For the past 30 years, we have understood a variety of energy consumption behaviors from our clients, and innovated the cutting edge technologies to support ever-changing requirements from our clients. Likewise, we were trusted by Thailand’s leading organizations, both private and public sectors, to be part of planning and developing working processes to achieve maximum benefits across the board. Furthermore, we were awarded over hundred prizes from five organizations, locally and globally. Thus, our clients admire us as:

“The Leader of Building Engineering Management and Energy Management Solutions in Thailand”.

  • Vision

    Striving to become leader of consultation services for energy management, maintenance services and building engineering management, promoting energy conservation consciousness, and environmental conservation for buildings, including skyscrapers and industrial buildings, with our determination to:

    “Achieve Trustworthy, Quality, and Satisfaction for Our Clients”

  • Mission

    “To achieve business goals and sustainable goals together with our clients, by optimizing costs and profit margins along with increasing quality and productivity in working processes.”

  • Our History

    In 1994, a group of experts from various backgrounds came together to establish a specialized business known as “Vibhavadi Consultants.” Our primary focus was building engineering management and energy management services. We aimed to provide consulting services for designing, maintaining, and repairing building engineering systems, with the goal of improving the efficiency of existing buildings and equipment, subsequently reducing the overall costs for organizations.

  • Company Profile

  • Our Locations

    Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. (Headquarters)

    51/29-31 Ngamwongwan Rd., Lat Yao, Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand, 10900

    Tel: 02-941-4080 to 1

    Email : [email protected]

Let’s Build Our Sustainable World

We are not just your building consultants, we are your partner for growing together with you. Together, we can achieve the best possible results for managing energy and building resources efficiently.

Innovation of the Future


Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. is certified by global standards, including ISO:9001 (Quality Management System: QMS), ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety), ISO:50001 (Energy Management System: EnMS), and ISO 41001:2018 (Facility Management).

Hall of Fame

“Your success stories are our success stories” is our motto for providing services. We provide innovative solutions for optimal energy management based on specific building requirements tailored just for you.

Our Footprints

From a small group of experts right at the beginning of our journey, we now have over 600 talented personales from a variety of expertises. Today, we are trusted by over 100 organizations to manage over 200 buildings and industrial facilities and counting.

Our Customers