Our latest building engineering management solution for assisting our users to optimize energy consumption rate effectively and sustainably, by incorporating with the Internet of Things (IoT) for measuring, analyzing, and responding energy-related data to the platform.

Why Choosing DI Platform


  • Monitoring energy parameters and other related parameters, including water level, air quality.
  • Historical logging and analysis, with summary
  • 24/7 data logging, which is traceable at any point of time
  • Our dedicated after sales service team to ensure consistent data collection.
  • Extensive insights of current operation and energy optimization recommendations.

DI Platform is best for buildings and industrial facilities, which:

  • Want to reduce the fixed cost of the buildings, but still want to collect data for continuous business development.
  • Want to find a long-term solution for energy conservation.
  • Want to ensure the highest safety standards.
  • Want to develop the optimal energy consumption strategy for real-world applications.


For executives and building engineering departments


Inspecting the failing equipment to reduce maintenance costs and prevent potential failure of your systems


Evaluating potential energy usage and optimizing energy consumption to optimal level.


Providing real-time data for ensuring operating statuses and performance of equipment.


Extensive insights for planning business strategies, maintenance, and building facility managements to ensure the highest performance for executing the plans.


Reducing the risks of infected buildings and opening opportunities for organizing wellness areas inside the buildings.

Our Services


Easy-to-understand overview of energy consumption, with energy efficiency indicators.


Notification system that triggers equipment failure detection in real time.


Monitoring system operation and inspecting energy savings based on criteria of energy savings policies


Calculating and analyzing energy management, as well as recommending certain actions for increasing potential energy savings.

Q & A

Because every good decision is always based on accurate data, the DI Platform is the on-demand service data platform that records energy consumption usage, as well as engineering solution usage, and visualizes the data into digestible formats, which can drastically improve decision making for the organization.

Today, data is considered as a core of business operation for understanding behavior and insight of the operation. The DI Platform can provide insightful data and visualize them into a deeper perspective of energy usages in the buildings, as well as providing current status of the energy. These can improve accuracy of decision making, reduce potential risks, and cut down unnecessary investments for your business.

The DI Platform is a unified platform that combines hardware and software, such as energy meters and the Internet networks, to create unified experience for energy management, all in one place. Moreover, the platform is also providing Smart Response notifying to the device when there is an incident happens within the building, unlike typical energy meters which required you to install energy meters, wire them up, and have trained electrical or mechanical engineers inspecting and analyzing root cause of each incident, which can lead to high maintenance costs and may not be able to tackle down every single incident. Finally, we also have a talented team, from engineering to data analyst, to support you whenever you are.

Since the DI Platform is a monthly subscription-based service, which includes hardware, software, support team, maintenance cost, and monthly report, the subscription fees vary based on the scope and scale of each project. The benefits of this approach are reducing unnecessary workloads for building officers, simplifying management structures for organizations or buildings, and gaining necessary knowledge from our experienced team in one service.

We recommend you to install the DI Platform at every power distribution channel, as well as machines that consume a considerable amount of energy. If you are unsure where to install the devices, we recommend you to consult with electrical technicians to survey the sites and list the locations suitable for installing the devices.

Cybersecurity is a top priority of our platform. As such, our platform is developed with cybersecurity in mind by encrypting data transmissions using global encryption standards. On the other hand, the data sent to our platform is low-risked raw data, which is not significant enough to be exploited and causes damage to organizations.

Based on our standard agreements, we collect the data up to 2 years on our side, which is easily accessible online, and the rest of it belongs to you. However, we can be able to backup your historical data if you desire.

Since our platform collects energy usage data in real-time, our system can be able to detect anomalies within the devices and automatically send the alerts to your preferred communication channels, including SMS messages, e-mail, and, soon, our LINE Official Accounts and LINE Mini Apps (LINE LIFF).

Currently, our platform does not support your existing energy meters. Though, the subscription cost is already covered by our connected energy meters, so you do not need to worry about the additional cost for the meters.

We are able to create energy usage reports based on your requirements, as we have a large variety of the reports, including energy reports, average daily energy consumption rate, energy consumption demands, and energy consumption rates by category. Those reports depend on our agreements, and you can choose an option to send the weekly and/or monthly reports.

Our energy meters are designed to retain data on devices for over a week. Though, the data retention durations depend on a number of connected devices. But, rest assured, if your connection is restored, the data will automatically transmit to the cloud instantly.

Our platform is designed to be able to view the report for over 20 users per time simultaneously. However, in order to access the dashboard, we only allow the authorized persons listed by our client, which we will create the accounts of each individual.

If you have any questions about the DI Platform, please feel free to contact Innovation Technology co., ltd. via phone at 02-941-4080 to 1 ext. 308.

We can guarantee that our platform is easy enough to understand and use. But do not worry, we will send out the user’s manual and video tutorials to you, which should take less than half an hour to understand our platform.

Absolutely not, because we installed telemetry devices without any management functionality, and each device consumes less than 50 Watts of power.

We created our proprietary algorithm to measure energy consumption rates. However, the meters may not be accurate if you choose medium current energy since the meter is measured energy before passing electrical transformer, unlike low current one that is measured after passing electrical transformer. As a result, the energy loss between the transformers and power lines will be around 3-5%, which can be measured using our algorithm and converted into actual energy consumption rates, which is comparable to a typical energy meter, if you installed the devices for low current energy.

Service Inquiry

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