Online monitoring of your energy consumption.


A brand new building management solution via IoT technology to measure, analyse and respond to data. The purpose is helping people use energy efficiently and sustainably. Optionally, an energy management display can be installed.


  • Energy measure
  • Energy data analysis
  • Safety data recording on cloud connection
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Alarm failure detection
  • Report operation insight and energy efficiency optimisation

Type of building is suitable for DI

  • Buildings / factories controlled large, medium, small
  • For overall control Or detail of the energy costs of every system
  • for closely checking the machine operating status
  • Help manage production, maintenance and manage key business costs.
  • want to aim to manage the engineering and energy systems of buildings and factories to be most efficient
  • lack of internal personel Expert in building maintenace but want to know the overview To plan and manage out sourcing services and budgets with in the organization

Safety / Reliability / Saving

  • Needing maximum stability in building management
  • Want to reduce the FIXED COST cost of the building but still need the information to continuously develop the business
  • want to take measures Seriously conserve energy
  • Consider the highest safety
  • Want to develop a comfortable condition that is conductive to work
  • want to take care of the health of the staff


for executive and engineering teams


Equipment failure checking for decrease maintenance cost and protect damage what might be happen.


Potential evaluation result and energy optimisation for the most efficient.


Real-time data to confirm working status and equipment efficiency.


Insight data for plan the business strategy, maintenance, and manage building's facility reach to highest efficience.


Indicate Indoor Air Quality, decrease the risk of Sick Building Syndrome and create opportunity of area allocation for user health.



An easy to understand overview of your energy consumption with our energy efficiency indicator.


Monitoring system which can warn in the event of equipment malfunction at any time of day.


Track the performance of the device system and check the economics of energy conservation measures.


Process data and analysis of energy management and offer solutions based on this data.

Q & A

The good decision must be based on correct information. DI is the one of tools that makes building energy information and engineering system. It is a format that can use anytime, anyplace and easy to view information. These data will improve the efficiency of the organization and the team.

If we do not know the information, we will be able to guess how to solve the problem but if you have EIS system, it like having the inspection tool that can indicate the state of building at real-time. The organization can decide on the spot and reduce the risk of unnecessary operations or unprofitable investment.

The DI system is One Stop Service that consists of hardware and software such as a power meter and network system that support including personnel which is used in some computer data processing. In addition, the system can send emergency alerts to devices immediately when occurs unusual event.  The general system, Customer must to invest for installing the power meter, connecting to the cable and hiring experienced electrical or mechanical engineers to monitor and analyze data. An engineer may be skilled in one system but not know every system. When used for a long time. Those systems need to care and maintenance with a relatively high-cost.

The monthly service expense of DI system is a One Stop Service that includes hardware and software including team engineers who monitor and analyze data. It can serve customer at a cheap price because it can share about experienced personal cost in many project. The service expenses include repairing cost in the event of signal problem. We include all costs offered as a monthly expense. Customer will receive a summary report in every month. Do not need to add workload to building staff. Reduce the process that the organization or building will be required to manage.

At least, you should install where the electricity is used to keep the electricity bill of building and install in the part of machinery that affect to usage of energy or may need to install in more spots. You should allow person who have experienced to help explore in the site for evaluating the optimal point and value.

Programmers have designed the data transmission following the international standard. On the other hand, the data that send is raw data. It has a relatively low chance of hacking the data for damaging to the organization.

This agreement can online for 2 years and all remaining information are owned by the customer. The DI team can back up data since start up to present.

Using the advantage of computer system that can store data all times help us in real-time surveillance system. Do not need to go to machine for recording the data at once. If the machine works wrong condition, it will send an alert or alarm. It is a function that replaces surveillance by human. It can send in many directions such as SMS, E-mail and Line application that is developing.

Now, you cannot use. But power meter including all service costs include in the monthly expenses.

The report can be made in various forms following to the needs of customers. Generally, the reports have many basic forms such as energy report, average energy usage in daily report, demand of power quality report and proportion of energy usage report. These report that follow customer agreement can send on weekly or monthly.

The power meter of the DI system is designed for storing data more than a week. The data storage depends on the number of recorders that connected to the meter. When the internet returns to normal, the system will return data that is stored to Cloud.

The person who will able to view the information must pass permission from the customer. The team will create the account to log in by using USER NAME and PASSWORD. It allows more than 20 people at a time to view the information.

Please contact at Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. Tel. 02-941-4080-1

The system is designed to easy for learn and use. we will send a manual including video to customer that you can study and understand the system within half an hour.

No, it does not because DI is a measurement tool. It is not relate to the control system. The power consumption of the system is less than 50 watts.

We calculate same the algorithm with the calculation of electricity. It will be error in case of customer who buys upper medium voltage. Because electricity meter will measure the power before send to the transformer but the new meter will measure the power after send to the transformer. Therefore, the displayed values will be error from the loss of power in the transformer and the transmission system about 3 to 5 percent. If the customers buy low voltage, the electricity bill will equal to the displays.


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